by Hometown Heroes

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Recorded at ABG Studios in Crown Point, IN
Engineered, Produced & Mixed by Seth Henderson
Mastered by John Naclerio at Nada Studios


released October 31, 2013



all rights reserved


Hometown Heroes Chicago, Illinois

We play music that makes us happy.

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Track Name: Once In A Blue Moon
They say in this town
You can see all the stars at night
But the brigher lights of the city held my eye
This place was never a home
Just a space to rest my head
On dirty floors of basements
I found the reason I'm still alive

Once in every five blue moons a night

Most nights I search for something more than this
But all I ever find is disbelief
The person I've become is not what you may expect
Just a person trying to find
A reason to go on

And I can honestly say
I've had better days.
Track Name: Sidewalks
It's a new day in this half life I lead
It's a new start and a fresh fire under me
Taking steps towards higher peaks
Reaching highs I never thought I'd see
No obstacles in front of me
The road ahead is all I see

I once asked the kid in me
Where do you want to be
When the sidewalk ends?

I've been told once that this fantasy
Was never worth the time it would take me
To get this in gear in moving on
The time is now to prove them wrong
Stop sitting around watching life pass you
The time has come to say your goodbyes
To who held you down and kept you from
Leading your life, we say let them come
Track Name: The Way The Waves Break
Everything that I once loved has turned to dust around my feet
So I'll just drag them in the sand
The waves crashed on the night that you left town
I watched these once calm waters break
Like your change of scenery

Get washed ashore with everything you couldn't change
Like the way you used to say that I was wrong
You just turn your back away
You leave yourself open to being broken
Find acceptance in what the stars and the sea
Have in store for you and me

When you feel the way the waves break
Sinking into the current of something bigger than yourself
You'll know just how it feels when this changes
But I don't think you'll feel yourself drown
Track Name: Second Thoughts
The only thing in life I thought I would regret
Was letting go of better things that made my days less cold
And every year the summers make me miss the fall
My worn down shoes still walk these streets that
Made me feel so small

It's second thoughts that seem to keep me up at night
Failures still the reason that I fall from such great heights
A wiser voice once said
Keep your heart close to home
I'm a thousand miles away and I can feel it growing cold

In my mind I'm getting old
In my heart I know I'm sold

I write these songs to show just what I think
About the things I love and the secrets that I keep
The skyline and the sea both come crashing down on me
My dreams may be too big for me but I'll just wait and see

It's second thoughts that seem to drown me in my mind
Success is still the reason I have hope in all the lies
And I once heard you say
Don't forget about your home
Still a thousand miles away, at least the highway feels like home

Some days I feel so young
Others I feel like my time is up